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Object: SCP-002

Mulhausen was a male human who served the SCP Foundation as a general. He led a collection squad of Foundation security personnel to secure the crater site where the structure designated SCP-002 crashed in northern Portugal. Upon arriving at the site, his team transferred the structure into a container where initial testing began using local villagers. After three villagers entered and failed to return, Mulhausen gave a Level 4a Termination Order resulting in the deaths of roughly one third of the village to prevent knowledge of the anomaly spreading. The general and his team then began preparations to move the structure to a secure Foundation site, but before they left four members of the team were drawn into the structure and lost. Mulhausen then requisitioned Class III HAZMAT suits for his remaining men before they transferred the container holding SCP-002 onto a waiting ferry. A series of events redacted from official Foundation reports then occurred which led to Mulhausen's termination and the resecuring of SCP-002 by the Foundation so that it could finally reach a redacted Foundation facility.[1]


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